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The perfect balance between function and beauty, the Phoenix Series marks the rebirth of the traditional kitchen knife. The fruition of years of experience in the sales of high end cutlery and gathering feedback from the chefs who use them have heavily influenced the design of these knives. Their bold and elegant profile derive from blending Eastern and Western cutlery design. All knives of the Phoenix Series are Hand Forged from 1095, 1084, or 5160 high carbon steels (RC 58-60) to provide the best toughness and edge holding ability possible. The handle ergonomics are a modified pistol grip to provide you power, control, and precision demanded of a World Class kitchen knife.

The Phoenix Series Cutlery, as with all of my knives, are hand forged by hand and by eye. I don’t use CNC Machines or grinding templates. For this reason, every Phoenix Series knife will vary slightly from one to the next ensuring that each one is a completely unique, one-of-a-kind-knife!


The Phoenix Series knives, unless otherwise specified, come with my ‘Sharkskin Finish’ over the carbon steel blades. This finish adds brilliant aesthetics as well as speeding up the natural, protective ‘patina’ that all carbon steel develop over time. The finish is not entirely permanent and may fade with repeated washings or if any type of metal polish is used on the blade.

Experience the difference that a precision, hand forged custom kitchen knife can make in your enjoyment of cooking! Why settle for a cheap, machine manufactured knife that will wear out or fall apart in a few years when you can invest in a quality, hand crafted blade that will last for generations? If you’re looking for a specially designed kitchen knife to perform a specific task and you don’t see a design below that will work, don’t hesitate to Contact Me!


Care for your Carbon Steel kitchen knife

As with all high quality kitchen cutlery, these knives must be cared for. These are NOT dishwasher safe and should be washed by hand only. All of my handles are sealed to prevent water damage so getting them wet is no problem. It should be noted that any acidic foods (citrus fruits, etc) will appear to ‘stain’ the carbon steel blade. This is a natural reaction of the carbon steel to various food acids and is nothing to be concerned about. The ‘Sharkskin Finish’ on most of the Phoenix Series knives will compliment the changing patina of the blade and, over time, the blade will become almost black. This, again, is completely normal. If the look of it bothers you, you can take some Flitz Metal Polish (or other non-abrasive metal polish) and that will clean the blade right up. I recommend washing the blade thoroughly afterwards, however, as Flitz does not taste very good! For further care information, please visit the Knife Care & Maintenance page.

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– Knives of the Phoenix Series –


Roll-E-Chopper - English Yew

Roll-E-Chopper – English Yew

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Phoenix Chef - Ambonia

Phoenix Chef – Ambonia Burl

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Phoenix Slicer - Osage Orange

Phoenix Slicer – Osage Orange

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Phoenix Chef - Manzanita

Phoenix Chef – Manzanita Wood

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Phoenix Santoku - Ironwood

Phoenix Santoku – Ironwood

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Phoenix Bolo Slicer

Phoenix Bolo Slicer – Spalted Birch

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Phoenix Paring - Ebony

Phoenix Paring – Ebony

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Phoenix Paring - Goncalo Alves

Phoenix Paring – Goncalo Alves

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Phoenix Prep - Wenge

Phoenix Prep – Wenge

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