Fenix Fire Forge

Rough Grinding


With the blade having cooled slowly overnight, it’s now ready for rough grinding. I start with a 36 grit belt and profile the blade. This gives me the clean, defined lines around the border of the blade. When this is complete, the blade will be in its final shape.

Profiling the Blade


Profiling the Blade

Upon achieving the final desired profile, I begin grinding the flat of the blade. I use a Bader B3 Belt Grinder. Most of my blades are flat ground, however I do make some hollow ground blades on request or if I am in the mood. I grind first with the 36 grit belt and then cover those grit marks with a 60 grit belt. Occasionally, I only grind to 36 grit and then hand sand to 64 grit prior to heat treating…this depends on the type and size of the blade and the style of the grind. By finishing with the 60 grit grinding or sanding, I make sure the blade is nice and smooth and there are no dips or ripples along the entirety of the blade. I will also accent my lines and shoulders at this point.


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