Fenix Fire Forge

– The Fenix Fire Forge Video Collection –


Forging the Blade

Join me as I take you through the basics of hand forging a blade starting from the raw steel bar.

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Grinding & Rough Sanding

Once the forging is complete, the knife moves to the grinder to have its final profile shaped and the forging scale removed.

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Heat Treating & Final Sanding

With the grinding and rough sanding complete, the blade must be properly heat treated in order to hold a good cutting edge. After the heat treating process, the final hand-finish is put on the blade.


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Crafting Method - Making the Handle

Making the Handle

The blade, at this point, should be finished. After protecting it with tape, we begin to work on the handle.

Crafting the Sheath

Crafting the Sheath

I take you through the crafting process of two different types of sheaths…a classic, all-leather sheath as well as my operator sheath design that uses a mix of heat-formed Kydex and leather.

Crafting Method - Heat Treating & Final Sanding

Featured Knife of the Month

This will be a new video series starting after all the ‘Crafting Method’ videos are up. This series will pick one knife each month and take you through the entire crafting process of that specific knife from hand drawn sketch…to the completed knife being photographed for my site!