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The Knife shown above has been sold. If you like the design, don’t worry! A similar knife can be hand-crafted upon request!

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The Roll-E-Chopper takes the wide-blade chefs knife of the Phoenix Chef and dramatically arcs the edge upward. This allows for a great amount of speed and control for dicing and mincing. The slightly raised handle not only gives the knife an Ulu-like design and feel…but also allows for a full rocking motion of the blade before the handle hits the cutting board! With a balance point just in front of the handle scales, this knife has an excellent feel and precision control. If you’re looking a good chefs knife and love to cook in a style using a rocking motion….the Roll-E-Chopper is for you!

This particular knife has an extremely rare handle material. The beautiful English Yew Wood on the handle was cut in Sherwood Forest, England. This wood is highly sought after and still considered some of the best wood in the world for making long bows. Due to over-forestation over the years, Sherwood Forest is protected by law against unauthorized removal of any trees, even if they are already felled or dead. As a result of this, it is extremely difficult to actually get a hold of any of this wood and I only have a very small amount. Once it’s gone, it will be unlikely that I’ll be able to get more. Aside from being an excellent hard wood, the Yew wood is stunningly beautiful. It has a light tan, almost yellowish base with dark orange grain that runs relatively straight and even down the whole handle. Aged neatsfoot oil brought out the shine and then it was sealed for water resistance. As with any good kitchen knife, this should never go in the dishwasher and only be hand washed.


  1095 High Carbon Steel – SharkSkin Finish

Tang Construction:

Handle Material:
  English Yew Wood – Cut from Sherwood Forest, England

Blade Length:
  8 inches

Overall Length:
  13 inches

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Phoenix Series
Phoenix Series

The Phoenix Series is the culmination of years of varying kitchen knife designs and gathering feedback from the people who actually use them. My time in retail sales of high end kitchen cutlery has given me a unique understanding from both professional and amateur chefs of what works and what does not work in a kitchen knife.

These knives have been meticulously designed to offer exceptional ergonomics providing you with the precision and control you would expect from a world class kitchen knife. All of the Phoenix Series knives are hand forged from either 5160 or 1084 high carbon steels.

A properly heat treated high carbon steel will out perform ANY stainless steel currently on the market. As with all high quality kitchen cutlery, these knives must be cared for. These are NOT dishwasher safe and should be washed by hand only.

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