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Shop Update: May 2014

My apologies for the long delay between updates…it’s been a wild year! Biggest news is that we just moved my knife shop this past weekend. I’m now sharing a shop with renowned knifemaker Phill Hartsfield! It’s truly a great honor and a great opportunity to be working in the same shop with one of the most prominent knifemakers in the world. Check out Phill’s knives at PhillHartsfield.com!

A huge thanks again to everyone who came and helped with the move!! While all of my equipment is moved, it will still take me another week or two before everything is dialed-in and functional. As I will also be moving my residence in a few weeks, it will, realistically, be the middle of June before everything settles down. We will likely do an open house/shop-warming get together around the latter part of June. Anyone local to the area I invite to come by…I’ll give you more details as it gets closer!

Below are some pictures of us deconstructing the shop before moving it over to Phill’s place. I’ll post pictures from the new shop once everything gets situated and dialed in!


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