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Welcome to the new WestCoastBladecraft.com!

Welcome to the new re-design of my website! As the tools and technology of web design progress…I try and make sure my own site is making use of it. This site has a real-time scaling feature that will actually change the visual layout of the site for mobile devices with small screens. I’m testing this out here so if the layout looks messed up to you, please let me know! And also let me know what device you were trying to view it on.

I will be greatly expanding my video section in the near future. Along with finishing up the ‘Crafting Method’ video series, I will be adding a new ‘Featured Knife of the Month’ video series. These videos will pick one knife per month, and take you through the specific construction process for ‘that’ knife. You will be able to watch the journey of one knife from the first hand sketch up until the completed knife is being photographed for my site! This video series will start after all of the ‘Crafting Method’ videos have been released.

As always, thanks for the feedback and support and don’t hesitate to message me with any questions or concerns!

-Chris Stanko


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