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The Knife shown above has been sold. If you like the design, don’t worry! A similar knife can be hand-crafted upon request!

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In Greek Mythology, Deimos was a son of Ares, the God of War. I felt this name was appropriate since this knife is a smaller version of my Ares design! As most Operator Series knives, the Deimos features a ‘forged’ guard where the underside of the knife behind the blade was forged in and mushroomed over providing a natural and comfortable guard.

The ergonomic design lets you comfortably choke up tight on the blade for precision applications or grip it back further for heavy cutting or fighting. The exaggerated thumb ramp allows for a comfortable and controlled full forward extension and the flared pommel provides an excellent thumb and index-finger seat in a reverse grip. The end of the handle can be used as a pry-bar, large, flat-head screwdriver, or just a solid pommel for hammering.

The Deimos comes with the Operator Sheath. This sheath is designed for maximum versatility in carry options. As always, my sheaths are hand-stitched and sealed for water resistance.


  1095 Carbon Steel – Rough Forged, Sharkskin Finish

Tang Construction:

Handle Material:
  Bocote Wood

Blade Length:
  5 inches

Overall Length:
  9.5 inches

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Operator Series
Operator Series

– To Be, Rather Than to Seem –

The Operator Series is the culmination of my drive to build a series of knives that just plain work. The ergonomics are designed to maximize comfort and usability in a variety of grip positions. The primary difference between the knives in this series is only their size. Each model features very similar ergonomics and balance.

Much of the evolution of this series has come from the feedback of actual military and PSS Operators who have used these blades in the field. Whether your a member of the armed services or just an avid hunter or outdoorsman…these knives will be an indispensable part of your gear!

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